Implants are incredibly strong so you can chew and eat just as you would with your own natural teeth

DB Dental's dentists use implants as artificial roots that can create support for a crown that acts as a brand new tooth. The advantage of implants is that they bond with your jaw, so they're incredibly strong and ensure that you can eat and chew just as you would with your own natural teeth.

Implants stand alone, so none of your other teeth are compromised in any way, and they can be used to create just one tooth, or all of them.

Implants can also be a solution for dentures that don't fit properly.

As with any dental treatment, an implant may or may not be the best solution for you - the best way to find out is to make an appointment using the Book Now button above. You can find out what the options are, what the treatment involves and what it will cost from your DB Dental practitioner.


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