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The great beauties of history would struggle to be noticed today. What’s beautiful changes with time and history. While women could be laced into tight corsets under sweeping gowns in the Victorian era, practical clothing and hair came to the fore after World War I.

For centuries tanned skin was the sign of a peasant who worked outdoors every day. Then the industrial revolution kept workers shut inside six days a week. When Coco Chanel caught some sunshine on the French Riviera a century ago, her tan started a trend. Sunshine was for the wealthy who could holiday in the sun. We still love a spray tan today.

Desirable dental


Dental fashions vary across the world. In Bali it’s still traditional to file down the sides of an adolescent’s teeth to ‘cut’ back on six types of sin. It’s a part of growing up.

In ancient Japan, blackened teeth were the sign of a beautiful woman. The paint provided a protection against decay. Today teeth can be made white and shiny with the help of a dentist.

In some parts of Asia, gold fillings and crowns are a highlight for a wealthy woman.

Mick Jagger is supposed to have had a tooth set with an emerald, until he realised it looked like he had spinach stuck to it!


Straight and shiny teeth


Straight teeth have always been popular, probably because they’re less likely to have dental issues as they’re easier to clean and keep healthy. And white teeth are a sign of health and youth.

Today DB Dental has the latest technology to straighten teeth and make them white and shiny. Invisalign is almost invisible while it’s straightening your teeth.


When can you use Invisalign?


Invisalign suits most people, from adolescence upwards. There is no age limit. Book in with your DB Dental practitioner to see if it will help with your dental issues.  Your new smile could be from six to around 18 months away.

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