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Bupa Health Insurance: Can DB Dental help you maximise your dental extras?

Dental Extras can be confusing.

If you are covered with Bupa, can you visit a DB Dental dentist?

The answer is yes. DB Dental accepts all major health funds. To make matters even better DB Dental has Bupa Health Insurance on our list of preferred providers.

That sounds good, but what is a preferred provider?

When you use a health fund that is on our list of preferred providers this means you are guaranteed some kind of rebate and you can often get discounts.  For starters, you can receive a fully covered scale and clean with your dental check-up.

That means when you attend your scale and clean appointment, our friendly DB Dental receptionist simply swipes your Bupa Health Insurance members card at the end of your visit rather than charging you.*

It gets even better. Depending on your level of cover, you may, in fact, be able to claim all your preventative care without any out-0f-pocket expenses. Preventative care services can include check-up, scale and clean, x-rays and exams


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How can I tell what will, and what won’t be included?

We encourage our patients to check with their insurance company. We can help you do this by providing item codes. If you are at a DB Dental practice we can also swipe your Bupa Health Insurance card via our HICAPs terminal which, in many instances, will give you a quote on the spot.


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*If in doubt about fees, we always suggest contacting your health insurance provider. Cover can vary depending on your individual plan so your health insurance provider is best placed to give you the most accurate information, but we will do our best to help.

**Check-ups can be partially out of pocket, depending on your level of cover.

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