Can I get my teeth whitened in time for my wedding? - DB Dental

Maybe you meant to get it done earlier, maybe you just drank too many cups of coffee (or red wine) during the planning process. But your teeth are not as white as they used to be and you have a date with a photographer approaching fast…

When you want your teeth to be pearly white on your wedding day, go online and book an appointment with your DB Dental practitioner. Whatever time you have left, they will be able to advise how to improve your smile.

When is it too late to whiten?

If you have a few weeks you’ve probably got time to get things sorted – book your first appointment now.

If you don’t have visible fillings, crowns or implants when you smile, it’s just your natural teeth that need whitening. If your gums are healthy your dentist can whiten your teeth in the dental chair or order a custom treatment tray for you to use at home over a few weeks.

Either way, you should finish the process at least a few days before the wedding in case there are any issues with sensitivity which need to settle.

Will my veneers and fillings lighten too?

Any restoration work which is not as light as you’d like will need to be replaced. Teeth-whitening treatments only whiten your natural teeth, not any fillings, crowns, veneers or implants.

If you have a lot of restoration work visible you will need more appointments for replacement work – your DB Dental practitioner will be able to estimate the time needed.

If you hadn’t budgeted for these additional costs, you may be eligible for DB Dental’s interest-free payment plan.

Making sure your teeth stay white

Once you have the look you want, your DB Dental practitioner will explain the best way to maintain your whiter teeth. If you smoke, quit now, and reduce coffee, tea and red wine. It also helps to rinse your mouth out or clean your teeth after drinks which can stain your teeth.

Book your appointment online now and let your DB Dental practitioner show you how your teeth can be whiter for your wedding day and beyond.

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