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Dentist Laura Hall recently moved from Britain to work at DB Dental’s Perth City practice, which has opened recently in the heart of the Perth CBD. Located in Wellington Street, only a block from Perth Arena, the practice is close to public transport with buses and the nearby Perth Underground.

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Working with DB Dental for over 6 years, dentist Dr Adam Fell has gained a justified reputation for being an accomplished dental surgeon. Especially known for performing complicated extractions, you can find him at three different practices in WA – Currambine, Cottesloe and Rockingham.

Extractions can be straight-forward, but there are many reasons they choose to refer to Dr Adam.

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Maybe you meant to get it done earlier, maybe you just drank too many cups of coffee (or red wine) during the planning process. But your teeth are not as white as they used to be and you have a date with a photographer approaching fast…

When you want your teeth to be pearly white on your wedding day, go online and book an appointment with your DB Dental practitioner. Whatever time you have left, they will be able to advise how to improve your smile.

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If your teeth are crooked and you’ve decided to get them straightened, you’d like results as soon as possible. Back in the day where your choice was braces or braces, nobody wanted to have a mouth full of metal any longer than they had to.

But today’s new technology means that Invisalign treatment is practically invisible while your teeth are straightening. Great news, but is it any faster than braces?

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Most people know that smoking is not only unhealthy, it stains teeth and damages gums. But smoking is not the only thing that stains teeth. Coffee, tea and red wine can also darken your teeth with stains.

So what stains your teeth the most? If you can’t get through the day without regular coffees, you’re probably going to find coffee stains are your issue. It all depends on your lifestyle habits. Sadly, smokers can develop multiple dental problems.

Ageing doesn’t actually cause staining, but teeth do naturally darken as you get older.

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It’s normal for young children to suck on a dummy or their thumb to comfort themselves – babies even suck on their thumbs in the womb. Dummies go in and out of parenting fashion – and it’s not unusual for older relatives to offer ‘helpful’ information about what is best for your baby.

Many parents find dummies or finger sucking helps babies and young children settle on their own. But is either a problem? Is one better than the other?

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Poor oral health is not just painful and unsightly. It can also have major effects on your overall health.

The bad bacteria from gum infections can affect the rest of your body. It’s especially bad if you have a chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes or are pregnant.

Poor oral health is even linked with pancreatic cancer and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. And oral cancers may not be diagnosed early without regular dental visits.

Even untreated orthodontic issues can cause a host of additional issues, from headaches and shoulder and neck pain to postural problems.

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Technology is not just making dental treatments quicker and easier for patients, it’s also putting the power of understanding and choice into their hands.

Perth DB Dental dentist, Dr Rohit Chaturvedi, says that the latest 3D scanning technology lets patients see their whole mouth.

“They’re not having to take my word for what is needed,” he says. “They can see from their scans if their teeth are crooked. They can see where problems are. It’s not me just telling them.”

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Dr John Graham studied dentistry in Scotland, but practices in Perth, Australia.

“One big difference here is the amount of time I get with my patients”, says Dr John Graham who found “working under the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland, means you have to move from patient to patient, with only a short amount of time to get to know them.” … read more