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Dentist Laura Hall recently moved from Britain to work at DB Dental’s Perth City practice, which has opened recently in the heart of the Perth CBD. Located in Wellington Street, only a block from Perth Arena, the practice is close to public transport with buses and the nearby Perth Underground.

“I love working in the city,” says Laura. “It’s so modern, with state-of-the-art equipment and easy to get to. A lot of our patients are young professionals who really want to look after their teeth and are interested in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments too.

“They want to look their best and want information about aesthetics such as whitening and Invisalign for straightening teeth. Invisalign has been a game-changer because it’s almost invisible, there are no metal braces.”

But it’s not just professionals and busy commuters who like Perth City practice. It’s also popular with people who live in the inner city and those who combine a day in the city with a dental checkup at a practice with the latest facilities. And the practice also encourages anxious patients to make an appointment for a checkup and to let their dentist know they’re nervous, first up.

“We encourage nervous patients to let us know their concerns,” says Laura. “We want them to feel confident about coming in for a checkup. It’s quite common for people to put off going to the dentist, but when they do come in we work with them so they can get the treatment they need in a way they’re comfortable with.”


Why Laura loves preventative dentistry

Laura loves preventative dentistry , which is everything from regular checkups with cleans, x-rays and fluoride treatments to working with each patient to make sure they understand how best to manage their oral hygiene.

“In England I saw terrible dental problems from people not having regular checkups,” recalls Laura. “Preventative dentistry is the basis for good oral health. Being able to explain to people the importance of good oral hygiene and regular checkups makes a difference, especially if they’re nervous about dentists.

“At DB Dental we have the time to spend with each patient. The equipment is excellent. We have things like iTero digital-scanning technology for dental impressions, which is much faster and more comfortable. We save the patient time with modern equipment.”

Dr Laura Hall at DB Perth City

Child-friendly care

Laura also loves working with families and children.

“We have a child-friendly practice with a kid’s corner,” she says. “It’s great to see children getting checkups early and building the right habits for a lifetime.

“We can take the time with each child and their parent so that going to the dentist for a checkup is not scary, and we show them and their parents the right way to clean their teeth as they grow and become independent.”


No payment gap with New Patient Offer

Laura is keen to let potential patients know that Perth City practice currently has a New Patient Offer.

“If you’re a new patient we’ll do a no-gap checkup, including a clean and routine x-rays, plus a fluoride treatment,” she explains.

“If you don’t have insurance it’s only $199. All new patients then have a treatment plan. We also offer Afterpay, which can help with budgeting.”


Loving the Perth lifestyle

Laura and her partner Adam, also a dentist, became interested in working in Australia during university. Laura worked for 18 months in Britain before making the big move. Adam had previously worked in Perth so they had friends here when they arrived and have made more through work.

“The team I work with at Perth City is great – we’re a small, close-knit team,” says Laura. “I also enjoy the professional development I get from being able to discuss cases and ideas with the other dentist I work with, Dr John Graham.”

Laura’s partner Adam had previously worked in Perth and they’re pleased they made the move.

“We love the outdoor lifestyle in Perth,” says Laura. “We like to go for walks, explore new areas and travel around in the region as well as interstate.”

You can meet Laura and the team at DB Dental Perth City and take advantage of the New Patient Offer – book online here.

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