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Start the new year with a new smile plan – you will find it much easier to get an appointment in January. And if you have extras insurance, you can plan for a year’s worth of treatments to make the most of your benefits. DB Dental’s payment plans can help if you don’t have insurance, so start working on your new smile style now.

Dial up your smile style this year

Suddenly it’s January and if you didn’t quite get through your list from last year, you get another chance. Dental appointments can get lost in the rush to the festive season, but it’s much easier to get an appointment early in the year.

Your DB Dental dentist will be able to help you get your dental checkups back on schedule and you can talk about any aesthetic work you’d like for the year, too.

Plan regular checkups

Dental checkups help your dentist see any issues early so they can be treated. Don’t wait until you feel an ache before you book in. Leaving things too long can become expensive.

If you start the year with a checkup you know if anything needs immediate attention before you begin planning the extras.

Your dentist needs your teeth and gums to be in good condition before you can have any additional aesthetic work done such as teeth-whitening or straightening.

Get the most from your insurance

If you have extras insurance you probably know that with most companies your benefits reset each calendar year. If you start your dental work at the beginning of the year you have the maximum time to get work done and make the most of your benefits.

Your DB Dental practitioner will advise you how to plan your treatments to make the most of your insurance

Sometimes it’s possible to split work over calendar years for extra benefits. DB Dental accepts all extras insurance health funds, too.

No insurance, no worries

DB Dental knows not everyone has insurance and that sometimes major dental work is a budget worry. That’s why DB Dental offers an interest-free payment plan, so if you’re eligible, you can start work on your teeth now and pay it off over time.

The beginning of the year is a great time to get dental work underway as there are usually more appointments available. Book your appointment online with DB Dental now and start on your new smile style.

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