For Nikki, every day is International Women’s Day at DB Dental - DB Dental

DB Dental Operations Manager Nikki Cox understands the challenges of work-life balance with a family from her own experience. With the trend to more female than male dentists, flexible working hours are essential to retain female dentists. Nikki says opportunity for training and advancement is available for everyone at DB Dental, whatever their field.

International Women’s Day at DB Dental

For DB Dental’s operations manager Nikki Cox, every day is International Women’s Day at work.

“Just over 80 percent of our staff are female,” says Nikki. “And 50 percent of our dentists are female. The dental industry is changing. A lot more women are studying dentistry.”

Nikki says DB Dental is also focused on not losing female staff when they start a family.

“As a company, we want to see our female dentists return to work by accommodating part-time, preferred days to work and flexible start and daycare pickup times,” says Nikki. “We have had 45 women take maternity leave over the last two years. There is a constant flow of new babies in our organisation.”

Understanding the challenges of families

Nikki’s own career path had its share of changes as she began her family early.

“I had three kids by the time I was 24,” she recalls. “My husband’s career took precedence and we moved around the country. I enjoyed it, and he worked very hard. I always worked and understand the challenges that families have ensuring a healthy work-life balance.”

“By the time I was in my late thirties, my children were teenagers. When I was offered the role of DB Dental’s Operations Manager seven years ago after working with them for three years, it was my time to focus on career.”

Experience across healthcare fields

The changes in Nikki’s career path give her a good understanding of different areas of healthcare and administration as well as the impact of families on careers.

“I was a dental nurse straight out of school and then did nursing training,” she says. “Then I moved into health administration when my children were young. It was all a great experience.

“In this role, I love communicating with everyone, from the dentists and nurses to the support staff and our Contact Centre team.”

Gender not an issue

As Operations Manager, Nikki also travels across Australia meeting other teams.

“It’s a very positive group of people,” says Nikki. “Gender is not an issue – it’s what you bring to the table. All our staff receives training. They have the opportunity to develop their career, whether it’s in the clinical field or in administration.”

Some patients do have a preference for a female dentist, Nikki adds.

“They may feel more comfortable with a woman. All our dentists are very aware and well-trained to ensure their patients are put at ease. We all want our patients to get the dental care that’s right for them.”

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