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While it’s great to have pearly-white teeth and fresh-breath confidence, dental care is not just about your mouth. Good oral health is important for good general health.

There are many chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease which are impacted by poor oral health. And even if you’re otherwise healthy, having a tooth-ache is painful and distracting until it’s fixed. Keeping your teeth healthy and happy with great habits helps save you money, too.

Three good routines to wrap up

Getting your daily oral hygiene routine sorted is a win for your teeth – plan so you have time twice a day for a proper clean and floss. If you’re unsure of the best ways check with your hygienist at your DB Dental visit.

Keeping a lid on treats in your daily diet is another great way to have healthy teeth. Too much sugar hanging about until your bedtime clean just feeds the bad bacteria. Swap out treats for healthy snacks such as carrots, snow peas and nuts and drink plenty of plain water.

And don’t forget to schedule dental checks twice a year so that any issues can be dealt with promptly.


Schedule for special treatments

When your teeth are generally healthy but you’d like to improve aesthetics, your DB Dental specialist can help with information on what could suit your teeth.

Crooked teeth can be straightened; stained teeth can be whitened in different ways, and gummy smiles can be sorted so your teeth are the feature. Gumline surgery is fast and doesn’t even need stitches – talk with your dentist if your gums are your problem.

Invisalign is the latest way of straightening teeth without braces. It uses custom-made aligners which are almost invisible and is generally far less painful and faster than braces as well. Your DB Dental practitioner can advise if it is suitable for you.


When money’s your issue

If you’d really like to have some serious work done but your budget is behind, you may be eligible for DB Dental’s interest-free payment plan. This plan is designed to make major dental work affordable straight away rather than waiting to save the full cost. You can make an appointment online now.

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