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Nobody wants to think their friends are shrinking back when you get closer, but what if it’s happening? Are you chewing mints like they’re going out of style or gargling mouthwash morning, noon and night?

Make Fresh Breath Day something you celebrate every day – here’s how.


How do I know if my breath is bad?


If you don’t want to wait until someone mentions it, you can test by:

  • Using a tongue scraper or flossing between your back teeth and having a sniff
  • Licking the back of your hand and letting it dry, then smelling it

If it smells sour or bad, you aren’t ready for Fresh Breath Day yet.


What kills bad breath?


Once your dental work is up to date (and you’re not actually sick) then you need to brush up on your teeth-cleaning tactics.

For the freshest breath:

  • Make sure your have the right oral hygiene techniques – your dentist can show you
  • Use dental brushes if it’s tricky to floss around bridges or in awkward spots
  • Keep a spare brush, floss and toothpaste at work
  • An electric toothbrush provides thorough brushing
  • A tongue scraper can clean your tongue
  • Throw out old toothbrushes, use a new one every three months


How can I have fresh breath all the time?


Avoid meals with onions and garlic if you have a special date the next day. Don’t overdose on coffee as it can be drying and leave a sour smell. And alcohol is notorious for morning-after breath.

Avoiding snacking between meals, or stick to crunchy vegetables. And make sure you drink plenty of water, not just tea or coffee.

Don’t smoke – there’s no way of removing that smell from your breath. Smoking is not only bad for your general health, it’s terrible for your teeth.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask your DB Dental practitioner about any bad breath issues. They have lots of solutions to help you be ready for Fresh Breath Day every day.

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