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If you aren’t sure if you really have a toothache, or haven’t had a problem for years, is it still important to go to the dentist? Can you just wait until something goes wrong with your teeth?

Is it important to go to the dentist?

If your jaw is in serious pain or a tooth is threatening to fall out (and you’re not expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy) you are probably already on your way to dental treatment. If you’re not on your way, book now because it will most likely get worse and more expensive the longer things are left.

But if you have this feeling that something’s not quite right with your teeth, or it feels a bit odd in your mouth but you can’t see anything wrong – is that cause to worry?

And what if you don’t have a dentist, and you can’t remember when you last had a checkup?

What is a dental checkup?

Seeing a dentist every six months, or sooner if you have concerns, is important for your dental health. Your DB Dental practitioner will not only check your teeth for any signs of problems, but will also check your mouth and tongue’s health. They can spot early changes in tissue which can indicate more serious issues such as oral cancer. This can lead to much earlier treatment than waiting until you notice something is wrong in your mouth.

Generally, you should have a check-up every six months to keep your smile sparkling. If you’re not even sure how long since you went to the dentist, it’s definitely time for a check.

Book an appointment with DB Dental online now – earlier is always better for any treatments. And if you move house later on, your dental history will be available through any DB Dental practice.

Is it a toothache?

It was aching yesterday, but today the tooth is OK – maybe you imagined it, but most likely it will be aching again soon. And if there was an infection it might have almost gone, but will probably return. Time to book an appointment.

You are avoiding flossing your teeth because your gums are becoming puffy and they’re bleeding. Puffy gums are inflamed because plaque has hardened under them. You need to head to the dentist for a professional clean and some cleaning instructions because it could be the start of gingivitis. That can lead to the loss of teeth if not treated.

You’re suddenly sensitive when it comes to really hot or really cold drinks – they make your teeth ache. Maybe you just have sensitive teeth, but you may also have a small cavity or two so it needs to be checked.

You’re becoming suspicious that your breath is always a bit off and going overboard with mouth washes – halitosis or bad breath needs to be seen to because it can be a sign of decay or poor oral hygiene. Your DB Dental practitioner will get you back on track and confident to get close to special people.

Before a holiday

Nobody wants to waste holiday time in a foreign dentist’s chair – or worse, desperately trying to get to a dentist miles from anywhere. It’s always good to get things checked before you’re off on holidays, especially if you’re going somewhere isolated for a while. Travel insurance is an essential for so much more than dental woes, but it still can’t guarantee you a dentist where you could need one.

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