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If you’re considering Invisalign® – the advanced teeth straightening treatment that’s practically invisible – you’ll probably have a lot of questions about what the process involves. While your dentist may have explained the many benefits of Invisalign® – such as the fact the aligners are barely visible, easy to remove, and comfortable to wear – you may still have some queries about matters of a more ‘personal’ nature….

That’s right, we’re talking about kissing with Invisalign®! With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re answering your top questions on what it’s like kissing and dating with Invisalign®.

Q: Can I kiss while wearing my Invisalign® aligners?

A: Absolutely! There’s nothing to stop you kissing with Invisalign® – after all, even people with traditional metal braces don’t need to avoid kissing, and your Invisalign® aligners are smoother and much less intrusive. You don’t need to remove your aligners whenever you go in for a kiss, so there’s no need to worry about Invisalign® affecting you and your partner.

What’s more, the fact that you’ll be brushing your teeth after every meal as part of your Invisalign® treatment means your oral hygiene will be in top form – and a clean mouth and fresh breath will only make you more kissable!

Q: Can my aligners dislodge or get in the way during kissing?

A: No, the smooth design of Invisalign® aligners mean they fit nice and close to your teeth. This means there’s no danger of your aligners become dislodged while kissing, or making either of you feel uncomfortable.

Q: Will my date know I’m wearing Invisalign®?

A: So you’re going on a date and suddenly panic about whether he or she will notice your Invisalign® aligners? Don’t stress – Invisalign® is designed to be virtually invisible, so the chances are your date won’t even notice you’re wearing aligners. Unlike traditional metal braces, one of the main benefits of Invisalign® is the fact that the aligners are clear and therefore hardly noticeable.

Q: How do I explain the fact that I have to take ‘toothbrushing timeouts’?

A: When you’re undergoing Invisalign® treatment, you’ll need to brush your teeth after every meal. This means you may need to excuse yourself more regularly. Our advice is to simply be honest with your date and mention you’re in the process of orthodontic treatment – after all, the fact that you’ll have a fresh mouth at all times can only be a good thing!

Q: Will my Invisalign® aligners be obvious in photos?

A: If you’re stressing about selfies or freaking out about photos, we have good news for you – your Invisalign® aligners won’t be visible in pictures, and if anything can make your teeth look shinier. (A quick heads up – be sure to do a lipstick check, as lipstick can get on your aligners in the same way they can get on your teeth).

Q: Can I take my Invisalign® aligners out whenever I go on a date?

A: Although it’s possible to remove your Invisalign® aligners when you need to, it’s important to wear them most of the time in order for treatment to be effective. For this reason, it’s not recommended to take your aligners out frequently, so make sure you limit this to special occasions.

Now those all-important intimate questions have been answered, why not make an appointment with DB Dental and discuss how to achieve a beautifully straight smile with Invisalign®.

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