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Staying home this Easter: 5 tips to keep your dental health in check!

It’s easy to overlook special holidays like Easter while social distancing regulations are in place. Usually an occasion spent visiting family members; travelling nationally or internationally; attending religious services, and celebrating with friends, this year will be a different experience for everyone.

Kissing and Dating With Invisalign®: Your Questions Answered

If you’re considering Invisalign® – the advanced teeth straightening treatment that’s practically invisible – you’ll probably have a lot of questions about what the process involves. While your dentist may have explained the many benefits of Invisalign® – such as the fact the aligners are barely visible, easy to remove, and comfortable to wear –

How to train children in healthy dental habits

Every parent knows that teaching babies and toddlers requires patience and repetition, and healthy dental habits are no exception. The reward is that your child grows up understanding how to care for their oral health, and be open to having necessary dental treatment.

Preparing your child for a dental appointment

Your child’s first dental appointment should ideally be around their first birthday, or earlier if there are any dental or oral health concerns. Healthy baby teeth are very important for the formation of healthy adult teeth, as well as to your child’s overall health. DB Dental practitioners are trained to check and treat very young

Why you should start your child’s dental care young

Just because baby teeth eventually fall out, doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about your child’s dental care until later. Sadly, by six years of age, more than half of all children already have decay in their teeth.

Tips for healthy teeth in 2020

Make 2020 the year you take your oral health to the next level, but not just because you want a beautiful smile. Good oral health is important for your general health and vital if you have type 2 diabetes, heart issues, a compromised immune system or are pregnant.

Tips to help parents during the back-to-school season

If holidays have been hectic, the start of the school year is a good time for parents to make sure their child is sorted for school. Being ready to listen and learn is more than just having the right uniforms, equipment and backpack sorted. Whether they’re starting kindergarten or they’re in high school, you also

Does Mouthwash Actually Work?

In recent years, there’s been plenty of debate around whether or not that humble bottle of mouthwash can really make a difference to our oral and dental health. The fact is, there are certainly benefits to be had from making mouthwash a part of your oral hygiene routine. However, it’s important to be aware of

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry uses intravenous sedation which is given through an injection. It’s also known as IV sedation or twilight dentistry. It makes you relax quickly but you don’t actually go to sleep. Your dentist adjusts the sedation for your individual procedure.

Which mouthwash is best?

Can you pick which is the best mouthwash for you the chemist’s range? It helps to have some knowledge of what mouthwashes can and can’t do for you first. After all, it’s your money and you’re going to spit it out after  about 30 seconds – you should get value from your mouthwash.

Will my dental implant last forever?

How long your implant lasts depends on a number of things – the answer is different for everyone. If you’re young and healthy and you’re replacing a tooth knocked out in an accident, so far, so good. Maintain great oral hygiene, have regular checkups and your implant has almost the same chance of lasting as

Protect your teeth while having fun

You can’t wait for the weekend or that special holiday away. The trick is to be prepared so that your teeth don’t hold up your fun playing sports or sightseeing overseas. You put time and money into caring for your dental health, so don’t let your teeth down when it comes to protecting them during

What can I do to keep my teeth healthy?

While it’s great to have pearly-white teeth and fresh-breath confidence, dental care is not just about your mouth. Good oral health is important for good general health. There are many chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease which are impacted by poor oral health. And even if you’re otherwise healthy, having a tooth-ache is

Six-monthly dental checks

Do you really need to go to the dentist every six months when there is nothing at all wrong with your teeth? Can’t you just wait until something starts to hurt? You could, but you’re risking damage to your teeth and wallet. Six-monthly checks pick up issues before they become serious. And you also get

Paediatric dentist Dr Vaish says “dentistry for kids can be fun”

When Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan was little, she was always fascinated with healthcare and the idea behind how the body worked. But it was her family’s involvement in charitable community work for children with special needs that inspired her to set foot into Healthcare.

Creating smiles in Perth City

Dentist Laura Hall recently moved from Britain to work at DB Dental’s Perth City practice, which has opened recently in the heart of the Perth CBD. Located in Wellington Street, only a block from Perth Arena, the practice is close to public transport with buses and the nearby Perth Underground.

Tales of extraction with dentist Dr Adam Fell

Working with DB Dental for over 6 years, dentist Dr Adam Fell has gained a justified reputation for being an accomplished dental surgeon. Especially known for performing complicated extractions, you can find him at three different practices in WA – Currambine, Cottesloe and Rockingham. Extractions can be straight-forward, but there are many reasons they choose

Can I get my teeth whitened in time for my wedding?

Maybe you meant to get it done earlier, maybe you just drank too many cups of coffee (or red wine) during the planning process. But your teeth are not as white as they used to be and you have a date with a photographer approaching fast… When you want your teeth to be pearly white

How fast can you straighten teeth?

If your teeth are crooked and you’ve decided to get them straightened, you’d like results as soon as possible. Back in the day where your choice was braces or braces, nobody wanted to have a mouth full of metal any longer than they had to. But today’s new technology means that Invisalign treatment is practically

What stains your teeth the most?

Most people know that smoking is not only unhealthy, it stains teeth and damages gums. But smoking is not the only thing that stains teeth. Coffee, tea and red wine can also darken your teeth with stains. So what stains your teeth the most? If you can’t get through the day without regular coffees, you’re

Which is worse for my baby, a dummy or thumb sucking?

It’s normal for young children to suck on a dummy or their thumb to comfort themselves – babies even suck on their thumbs in the womb. Dummies go in and out of parenting fashion – and it’s not unusual for older relatives to offer ‘helpful’ information about what is best for your baby. Many parents

Poor oral health can affect your overall health

Poor oral health is not just painful and unsightly. It can also have major effects on your overall health. The bad bacteria from gum infections can affect the rest of your body. It’s especially bad if you have a chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes or are pregnant. Poor oral health is even

Technology gives patients understanding for ethical dentistry

Technology is not just making dental treatments quicker and easier for patients, it’s also putting the power of understanding and choice into their hands. Perth DB Dental dentist, Dr Rohit Chaturvedi, says that the latest 3D scanning technology lets patients see their whole mouth. “They’re not having to take my word for what is needed,”

Being a dentist in Perth CBD

Dr John Graham studied dentistry in Scotland, but practices in Perth, Australia. “One big difference here is the amount of time I get with my patients”, says Dr John Graham who found “working under the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland, means you have to move from patient to patient, with only a short amount

For Nikki, every day is International Women’s Day at DB Dental

DB Dental Operations Manager Nikki Cox understands the challenges of work-life balance with a family from her own experience. With the trend to more female than male dentists, flexible working hours are essential to retain female dentists. Nikki says opportunity for training and advancement is available for everyone at DB Dental, whatever their field.

Thanking our dental assistants at DB Dental

As part of Dental Assistants Appreciation Week  (March 3-9), we are reflecting on the contribution these team members make each day.

Dial up your smile style this year

Start the new year with a new smile plan – you will find it much easier to get an appointment in January. And if you have extras insurance, you can plan for a year’s worth of treatments to make the most of your benefits. DB Dental’s payment plans can help if you don’t have insurance,

Top tips to get the most from your extras insurance

Once you’ve decided on extras insurance, don’t just set and forget. You should get the best return for your money by making sure your dental work is up to date. Just because you’ve been busy with chiropractics and contact lenses, don’t forget your teeth. Your money has paid for all those extras and teeth should

More time for your busy life with Invisalign

Who has time for extra appointments when you’re already too busy? It would be nice to have straighter teeth, but how will you fit it in between work and family things? And you don’t want to have to change your diet or have tricky cleaning routines. The big advantage of Invisalign is more time because

Six ways Invisalign’s a winner

If you’ve never liked your teeth but you were wary of braces, it’s time to think again. Invisalign is the new way to straight teeth without needing to change your diet or put up with a metal mouth. Here are six ways Invisalign’s a winner when you want a better smile.

The ABC of getting started with Invisalign

If you never liked your smile because your teeth are crooked, you might have thought about doing something. Or you might have started with braces when you were younger but hated them. Invisalign is a game-changer for crooked teeth. Instead of a metal mouth, you use custom-fitted clear aligners. They’re almost invisible and you don’t

Top 10 Invisalign tips

What can you believe about Invisalign. Is it really invisible or can people see you’re wearing aligners? Will it really work for your orthodontic issues? Here’s the 10 top things you need to know about Invisalign to help you decide if it could be right for you?

Beauty then and now

The great beauties of history would struggle to be noticed today. What’s beautiful changes with time and history. While women could be laced into tight corsets under sweeping gowns in the Victorian era, practical clothing and hair came to the fore after World War I. For centuries tanned skin was the sign of a peasant

How did Invisalign start?

For thousands of years people have wanted straighter teeth. Some ancient writings suggested that you apply pressure on baby teeth to make sure they would be straight. Rumours said Cleopatra used gold wires to straighten her teeth. By the 18th century more ‘scientific’ methods were being investigated. But nothing really worked until metal braces were

Invisalign vs braces

Invisalign is the latest way to straighten your teeth – and it’s an almost invisible process. It uses individually designed and custom-fitted clear aligners which fit over your teeth and slowly straighten them. You change your aligners around every two weeks. If Invisalign is suitable for your teeth, it’s much easier than having braces. Old

What are the benefits of using mouthwash?

There are benefits from using mouthwash, but not just any mouthwash. It depends what you want. If you’re just looking for something to cover last night’s onion and blue vein cheese quiche, there are plenty of cosmetic mouthwashes. But if you have bad breath every day, you’ll need more than mouthwash to treat it. And

How to make every day Fresh Breath Day

Nobody wants to think their friends are shrinking back when you get closer, but what if it’s happening? Are you chewing mints like they’re going out of style or gargling mouthwash morning, noon and night? Make Fresh Breath Day something you celebrate every day – here’s how.

Will mouthwash fix bad breath?

If you’re looking for a temporary disguise from a garlic overload the night before, give mouthwash a go. But if you can’t shake the idea that maybe your breath is off, you’re going to need more than mouthwash. It might mean that you just haven’t got the hang of your oral hygiene routine, or it

Unexpected break doesn’t disrupt Perth CBD dentist Dr Nick Morton

Perth CBD dentist Dr Nick Morton In his 33 years as a dentist, Nick Morton had never had a day off sick…until six weeks ago. Since then, he hasn’t had nearly as much time off work as his surgeon would like. This dedicated dentist arrives at work each day chauffeured by his wife, who also

Dental Week tips for healthy teeth – Protect your teeth while having fun

You can’t wait for the weekend or that special holiday away. The trick is to be prepared so that your teeth don’t hold up your fun playing sports or sightseeing overseas. You put time and money into caring for your dental health, so don’t let your teeth down when it comes to protecting them during

Dental Week tips for healthy teeth – Foods and your teeth

What you eat is important to your dental health; and brushing twice a day isn’t enough to deal with a poor diet. Your teeth and bones need enough calcium to stay strong and healthy, for starters. And if you are ill or have a chronic condition such as diabetes, your diet is even more important.

Dental Week tips for healthy teeth – Children’s oral health

Caring for your children’s teeth starts way before they can start brushing themselves. Once that first baby tooth appears, it’s time to include oral hygiene in their routine. Your children’s first teeth are important for the health of their adult teeth. And the routines you create around toothbrushing help them develop the right habits as

Dental Week tips for healthy teeth – Six-monthly dental checks

Do you really need to go to the dentist every six months when there is nothing at all wrong with your teeth? Can’t you just wait until something starts to hurt? You could, but you’re risking damage to your teeth and wallet. Six-monthly checks pick up issues before they become serious. And you also get

Dental Week tips for healthy teeth – Brush up on teeth-cleaning

Our DB Dental practitioners have some special tips for Dental Week – there’s a new subject every day to help you care for your teeth. If you’ve never really given your oral hygiene habits much thought, it might be time to learn how to clean your teeth effectively and thoroughly. If you’ve had dental treatments

Timing tooth-brushing – how long is enough?

Cleaning your teeth shouldn’t just be as fast as you can because you’re running late and you still want to do your hair. A quick going over is not cleaning them properly. Maybe it’s better than nothing, but it’s not really helping your teeth. You need to allow two minutes for brushing and time to

Do you need calcium for your teeth?

Calcium is essential in everyone’s diet, and not just for strong teeth. Calcium helps to grow strong bones and avoid osteoporosis. It even helps to repair and strengthen your muscles. Dairy foods are an easy source of calcium, with milk, cream, cheese and yoghurt easily added to most daily diets.

How long do dentures and other prosthodontics last?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you’re going to need a dental prosthodontic to restore your smile and make eating easier. If you’re having your teeth straightened or grinding your teeth at night, prosthodontics will help. But it’s up to you to care for them properly to get the best lifespan.

Why are my teeth sensitive to cold weather?

If your teeth are particularly picky about cold weather or hot foods, your teeth are sensitive and that needs to be checked out. Don’t hide indoors and avoid foods you used to love, get your DB Dental practitioner to sort sensitivity and enjoy winter.

Do young people get dentures?

Adults of all ages can have dentures – they can be a good solution for missing teeth. But they’re not the only solution and your DB Dental specialist will be able to assess whether dentures are right for you.

Hot stuff: what causes burning in the mouth?

Treatment: You were so ready for that hot apple pie but you didn’t realise it was still bubbling inside – and what do you do when your curry is more searing than satisfying? Here is what can burn your mouth and the best ways to treat different burns fast.

How many visits does it take for a root canal?

If you’re in pain and a root canal is called for, you’ll need a first visit to get the pain sorted. After that the next two appointments will deal with the infected matter causing all that pain, and finally the root canal will be sealed off ready for a crown. Read on for why a

No fear dentistry – types of dental anaesthesia

Understanding the different types of anaesthesia for dental work can help if you’re anxious or avoiding treatment. Your DB Dental practitioner has a range of options to make sure you’re not missing essential dental work.

Dental crown problems

Dental crowns are a great solution for a tooth which is not going to take a bigger filling – but just because they’re synthetic doesn’t mean that tooth is invulnerable now. The best way to avoid dental crown problems is good oral hygiene – read on for the best way to keep your crown in

Don’t waste your extras dental insurance

Talk to your DB Dental practitioner to be sure you make the most of your extras dental insurance. Plan your specialist treatments and schedule longer-term items so you don’t miss out on claims.

Is it important to go to the dentist?

If you aren’t sure if you really have a toothache, or haven’t had a problem for years, is it still important to go to the dentist? Can you just wait until something goes wrong with your teeth?

Take advantage of the holidays to get your kids’ teeth checked

Sorting everything kids need during school terms is hard enough without having to organise dental appointments which take them out of class or after-school activities. Plan ahead and book your kids’ teeth during the holidays.

How do I keep my mouth healthy?

Cleaning your teeth properly twice a day goes a long way to helping keep your mouth fresh and your teeth sparkling – but it’s also important to your general health. Read on to brush up on the best ways to protect your teeth with good oral hygiene.

Do we all have wisdom teeth?

Four wisdom teeth is supposedly standard-issue for adults, but it’s quite possible to be fully grown-up and only have one or two, or even no wisdom teeth. If you are having problems with swollen gums or jaw, it could mean that your emerging wisdom teeth are wedging into other teeth and causing problems. Any ongoing

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