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When Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan was little, she was always fascinated with healthcare and the idea behind how the body worked. But it was her family’s involvement in charitable community work for children with special needs that inspired her to set foot into Healthcare.

Becoming a dentist

To become a medical professional in India, she first had to take a selective exam which determined whether she could study medicine, dentistry or other health care roles such as physiotherapy.

“I qualified to study dentistry and although initially wanted to study medicine – have never looked back,” she says. “Eventually I went to Hong Kong to study Masters in Paediatric Dentistry. In my final year in dental school, one of my tutors who had recently completed post graduate studies at Hong Kong University talked to me about his experience and that inspired me to study there. The facilities and quality of education is some of the industry’s highest standard.”

She married Sundar, a Dentist in Australia, and moved to Perth to further her training in paediatric dentistry before starting a family.

Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan, Paediatric Dentist at DB Dental

Positives experiences at an early age make all the difference

“Working with children is always interesting, it never gets monotonous, and their personalities are different and engaging. I must admit, becoming a parent myself has broadened my understanding of children and given me perspective on what parents struggle with in caring for their children’s oral health.”

Dr Vaish also sees anxious children and brings with her a calm demeanour, with a practical approach.

“The important thing is to be able to make them feel comfortable and build trust with communication through pretend play and positive reassurance. For anxious patients we have access to non-invasive therapies such as happy gas which helps patients to relax and take the edge off.”

Treat oral problems early

Dr Vaish is particularly passionate about creating long term healthy habits, emphasising the importance of preserving kids’ oral health.

“We need to appreciate how important it is to set a good dental experience from a young age in order to create healthy oral habits right into adulthood.”

“Children’s teeth stay in the mouth for 10 years, the baby teeth preserve space for the adult teeth, early loss will cause space issues potentially requiring orthodontic treatment in the future. Also a small decay in a baby tooth grows very quickly causing pain and infection hence the importance of oral hygiene, healthy diet and regular check-ups from a young age”

Dr Vaish says “the approach to kids’ dentistry is different to adults – the key is to make the experience fun for the children whilst educating the parents.”


Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan is available to see patients at DB Dental Cottesloe, Baldivis and Currambine. Call 1300 483 384 or book online today.

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