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Poor oral health is not just painful and unsightly. It can also have major effects on your overall health.

The bad bacteria from gum infections can affect the rest of your body. It’s especially bad if you have a chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes or are pregnant.

Poor oral health is even linked with pancreatic cancer and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. And oral cancers may not be diagnosed early without regular dental visits.

Even untreated orthodontic issues can cause a host of additional issues, from headaches and shoulder and neck pain to postural problems.

Why is good oral health important?

Having a healthy mouth has obvious benefits, such as being able to eat a wide range of foods for a better diet. With no toothache or jaw pain you sleep better, focus more, look better and avoid bad breath.

But the most important aspect is that your body is not constantly trying to fight off bacterial infections. This is doubly important if you have reduced immunity through a chronic disease.

Periodontal problems and serious health issues

Poor gum health means that bacteria from gingivitis, a gum disease, can spread elsewhere through the bloodstream. This is a particular issue for those with diabetes and other chronic diseases. It can also be a risk factor for pregnant women.

Worse, the bacteria in gingivitis could also be linked to the same inflammation found in the brains of Alzhiemer’s patients.

Smoking is a particular risk factor for gingivitis, so see your doctor if you need help to quit.

Good oral healthcare and regular dental checks can help avoid periodontal disease. Ask your DB Dental practitioner for the right oral care routine for you.

Orthodontics and good health

Orthodontic work is not just about improving your smile. Crooked teeth and jaw issues can cause a whole range of health problems:

  • increased risk of cavities due to difficulties in cleaning food from around crooked teeth
  • increased shoulder and neck pain due to jaw alignment issues creating muscular tension
  • sleep apnea issues from misaligned jaws
  • headaches and aching jaw pain from jaw alignment problems
  • risk of sinus problems due to constricted airflow
  • risk of bowel problems if you have difficulty in chewing effectively or eating certain foods
  • risk of neuromuscular balance issues developing in teenagers with some orthodontic issues

Your dental health is important. DB Dental even offers no-interest payment plans to approved patients to help get important dental work done.

You can book a dental checkup with your nearest DB Dental dentist online now.

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