Ben Chuang - DB Dental

Dr. Ben Chuang

Ben is a gentle and caring dentist. The moment you walk into his room, you become his top priority.

His gentle and calm demeanour means he always takes the time to understand your needs and concerns. His care is further reflected in the service he provides, top quality and excellent results delivered in a patient-oriented way.

Upon obtaining his qualifications from the University of Sydney, Ben completed a degree in Pharmacy and went on to pursue his dream in the field of dentistry where he graduated with honours.

With a keen interest in all areas of general dentistry, his warm personality makes him particularly popular with children.

Ben is fluent in both Mandarin and English and intends to pick up Cantonese in the near future.

When not practicing, Ben is very passionate about his faith and enjoys every aspect as an active member of his church.

To Ben you are more than a patient, his passion is to help you visit the dentist with a smile and leaving with a bigger smile.

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