Ciarán Charalambou - DB Dental

Dr. Ciarán Charalambou

Dentist  |  BDS (UK)

After attaining my Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Manchester, U.K. in 2010, I spent the next few years working and further developing my skills in London. I worked with specialist consultants gaining a great deal of experience in varied fields, including crowns, bridges, and minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. I developed a passion for treating particularly anxious or nervous patients, providing excellent dental care in a relaxed and reassuring environment. I believe that no-one should be denied great dental health because of any phobias or anxieties they may have. 

If I’m not at work or at a dental conference, you will find me exploring Queensland as a relative newcomer to this beautiful country. I’m brushing up on my swimming and learning how to surf, and thoroughly enjoying the weather!

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