Dr Manoj Pallegedara - DB Dental

Manoj Pallegedara

Dentist  |  BDS, ADC Certificate (General Dentist)

I must admit that as a youngster, I had no love for dentists like most other kids. I grew up in a small town in Sri Lanka and developed a passion for sports. I was a known athletic champion and a soccer player during my school era. I know a bit about martial arts too. I thought It was a dream come true when started my career as a young dental officer with the Sri Lankan Air Force after completing my first degree at one of the most picturesque Universities in the world, the University of Peradeniya. During my 10 years tenure with the Sri Lankan Air Force, while keeping my sports agenda alive, I managed to earn my master’s degree in preventive health a few years into my career. But I never lost my enthusiasm to expand my knowledge about oral surgery.

It has been seven years since I began my professional career as a dentist in Australia. That was four years after having moved to Australia to take up an employment at a famous retail chain warehouse to start my life here. During the last eleven years, here in this beautiful land, I have been a pick packer, a forklift operator and a warehouse team leader all of which I liked and enjoyed alike.

Being a dentist, I find, gives me the gifted opportunity to relieve people of pain and to make them feel happier and better in the society. My special interests include facial pain diagnosis and management and minor oral surgical procedures including surgical tooth removals even though it doesn’t make me proud to say how many teeth I have taken out to date.

I am currently busy learning dental implantology techniques. I am always prepared to see you, listen to you and help you if you think you need to see a dentist.

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