Dr Susmita Pachipala - DB Dental

Susmita Pachipala

Dentist  |  BDS, ADC

It’s important that I use the skills and talents I possess to benefit others. My passion to help others, desire to work and interact with diverse people began as a child and has continued throughout my life’s experiences.

Dentistry allows me to continue my passion of helping others while enjoying the career I’ve dreamed of.

I am Susmita Pachipala, graduated in Bachelor of Dentistry from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth University 2002. I had volunteered to work in rural India between 2002 – 2004. I took a professional break to look after family and travel.

I passed Australian Dental Board exams in the first attempt which permits me to work as a Dentist in Australia in 2007. I have been working with DB Dental since 2009.

Whilst working at DB Dental, I was able to provide dental treatment to a diverse group of patients ranging from healthy to medically compromised individuals. I attribute my success in this role to my colleagues who always strive to do the right thing by patients, friendly work culture, strong work-ethic and principles followed at DB Dental.

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