Joe Hidegh - DB Dental

Dr. Joe Hidegh

Dentist  |  BSc & BDSc QLD

After completing a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Queensland, I spent the next decade perfecting my skills in general dentistry by working in various dental clinics throughout Queensland and attending various dental seminars, courses, conferences both locally and internationally. Over the years I have developed a keen eye for aesthetic dentistry and now focus mainly on high-end restorative and cosmetic dentistry (still addressing all aspects of general dentistry). When I am not busy seeing patients in the dental clinic, you may find me sitting in a line up at a local surf break, playing a game of social tennis, or participating in my favourite pastime of alpine skiing. Currently, I have returned to Brisbane to make this beautiful city my home again, working as DB Dental’s lead dentist.

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