Komal Jaswal - DB Dental

Dr. Komal Jaswal

Dentist  |  B.Sci Hons (USYD), B.Dent Hons (USYD)

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Bachelor of Dentistry (Honours) from the University of Sydney and also continued to do a range of courses in Aesthetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Smile Make-Overs. After graduating, I practiced at Westmead Centre for Oral Health in Sydney and now at DB Dental in Darwin and Absolute Dentistry in Darwin. I enjoy working with my current practice because of the strong team focus, practicing world class dentistry and completing a variety of complex cases. I pride myself on my very caring and gentle approach and able to build rapport with patients, taking the time to understand their concerns, and make sure my patients leave with a smile!

With a family history of working in dentistry (uncle was past president of Indian Dental Association), I was destined to have a career in dentistry. When I was young, I was very self conscious, and had years of braces and orthodontic work including jaw surgeries treatment completed which significantly improved my attitude, self confidence and life. I wish to impart that feeling of confidence and care to my patients. I have spent time at the public hospital in Westmead helping western sydney patients improve their smiles.

Outside of dentistry, my interests include painting, reading, fishing, meeting new and interesting people. I also have a keen interest in new technology, build computers and high end audio setups.

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