Stephanie Yap - DB Dental

Dr. Stephanie Yap

Dentist  |  BDS (Adel)

Born and raised in Adelaide. I am the first in my family history to become a dentist. I graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

My belief is that a person’s overall health and well being is of great importance and oral health plays a big role in how you feel both inside and out. I want to help and equip people to be able to restore and maintain their oral health. I enjoy all aspects of general dentistry, particularly restorative, dentures and preventative dentistry.

At DB Dental we are a patient-centred practice where the emphasis is on providing the most appropriate treatment tailored to each individual. The team and supportive environment make it a good place to work.

I’m big on patient care and working together with you. It is your mouth, your responsibility and therefore you have the right to decide what you want to do with it. I’m not here to order you to do something against your wishes but rather discuss what treatment would be in your best interest.

In Adelaide, I did some volunteer work for the Schoolies festivals, Salvation Army and Common Ground, a free dental clinic for the homeless in Adelaide.

Outside the dental practice my interests include travelling and learning about history and culture, exploring and admiring nature whether that be at the beach, national parks, climbing rocks on ocean cliffs. I also enjoy playing the bass guitar on the music team at church.

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