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You can’t wait for the weekend or that special holiday away. The trick is to be prepared so that your teeth don’t hold up your fun playing sports or sightseeing overseas.

You put time and money into caring for your dental health, so don’t let your teeth down when it comes to protecting them during sports and while you’re away.

A mouthguard made for you

If you’re involved in any sport involving contact or the chance of hitting anything, you probably know you need a mouthguard. There are a lot of ready-made ‘boil and bite’ ones around, but your DB Dental specialist can make you a custom-fitted mouthguard. And you can get it in your team colours.

While it costs more than a ready-made one, the advantages are that it will be more comfortable to wear and better fitted to protect your teeth.  Make an appointment online now to get your mouthguard made.


Travelling plans

Time out for travel is wonderful, provided you spend all of it enjoying yourself. Whether you’re going overseas or across Australia, it’s always a good idea to time a checkup for before you leave in case of any incipient dental issues.

This is particularly important if you’re travelling somewhere isolated – you want to enjoy the scenery, not be counting down to seeing a dentist. Travel insurance will help if you are caught out, but it’s always better to avoid the issue if you can.


In an emergency

When an accident means you’ve suddenly chipped or lost a tooth, you need to take action straight away. If your DB Dental practice isn’t open when the accident happens, save the chipped piece, or try to put the tooth back in place. If you can’t, place it in a small glass of milk to help preserve it until you can get dental help. Of course, if a child loses a baby tooth, they’re meant to come out and can’t be replaced.

Contact your DB Dental practice as soon as possible and explain what’s happened – dentists try to keep some appointments for emergencies each day.

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