Refer a friend and crowdfund your treatment - DB Dental

Pay for your dental care one friend at a time.

For every single friend or family member (adults), you refer we will credit $25 to your dental account.

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, and you can use your credit towards a simple checkup and clean or major treatments.

Invisalign $6,295
Implants $3,000+
Same day crowns $1,000+

What does your friend get?

They receive the New Patient Welcome Offer. This is No Gap with health insurance or $49.75 in 4 equal payments with Afterpay ($199).

How can I start earning credit?

Simply tell your friend to mention your name at their appointment. We will add a credit to your file and send you an eVoucher. You can claim today.

Can I refer friends to any of the NDC dentists, or does it have to be mine?

You can send them to any National Dental Care, or DB Dental practice. They will still be able to receive the New Patient Offer, and you will still be able to earn $25 credit.

Can I use the credit the same day my friend visits?

You certainly can. The credit is valid as soon as they complete their appointment. The New Patient Offer takes an hour so simply ask what time they are visiting the dentist and you can book in immediately after.

Can I use my credit with health insurance?

You certainly can. So, if your health insurance leaves you a gap payment, you can choose to use your ‘Refer a Friend’ credit instead.

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