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Do you really need to go to the dentist every six months when there is nothing at all wrong with your teeth? Can’t you just wait until something starts to hurt?

You could, but you’re risking damage to your teeth and wallet. Six-monthly checks pick up issues before they become serious. And you also get a professional clean, which helps protect your teeth as well as making your smile brighter.

Twice a year

Getting your teeth checked should be a regular part of your health and beauty maintenance. It’s not just that dental problems can develop without you realising until the damage is done, it’s also about that professional clean. If your smile is important, you don’t want a layer of tartar dulling your teeth.

More seriously, dentists also check your whole mouth for other health issues, such as signs of oral cancer. Dentists often pick up serious issues much earlier than people notice. And early detection means early treatment.


Dealing with dental fears

If you are really afraid of the dentist, it’s important to let your dentist know. It’s actually quite common for adults to have various anxieties about dental treatments; your dentist has a solution for each situation.

But first, you need to make a booking, especially if it’s been years since you’ve had your teeth checked. Even if you need a lot of treatment, your DB Dental specialist can offer you a variety of ways to make you comfortable during treatment.

If it’s a fear of needles, you could book to use The Wand, which gives a controlled and slow injection, greatly reducing pain. You can have nitrous oxide, or happy gas, to totally relax you. Or you can be treated by IV sedation, sometimes known as ‘sleep dentistry’. If things are really serious, a general anaesthetic may be the way to get a lot of treatment done at the one time.


When it’s just a niggle but it’s not going away

Something’s not right in your mouth, but it’s only a few weeks since you had your checkup – are you imagining things?

If it lasts more than a day or two, you need to get back to your dentist, because you may have developed an issue since your checkup. Perhaps you bit down on something harder than you realised and fractured a tooth, or loosened a crown. Or a gum infection has developed and is not going away. It might be minor but you don’t know.

It’s not worth waiting too long as things may become worse at an inconvenient time. You can book your DB Dental specialist online anytime and get it sorted.

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