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If you’ve never liked your teeth but you were wary of braces, it’s time to think again. Invisalign is the new way to straight teeth without needing to change your diet or put up with a metal mouth.

Here are six ways Invisalign’s a winner when you want a better smile.

1 – You can’t see Invisalign


Because Invisalign uses custom-fitted clear aligners which fit exactly over your teeth, they’re very discreet. Unless you know what you’re looking for and are up close and very personal, you can’t see them. Nobody has to know you’re having orthodontic work done with Invisalign.

You can’t say that about braces, which are always on show.


2 – You can see results early


People often notice that their teeth are becoming straighter in their first months of treatment. Depending on your teeth, you might have finished results from six to 18 months. Braces usually take years.


3 – No real pain, just a little pressure


Invisalign just puts a little pressure on your teeth and it’s usually only a day or two before it’s not noticeable. Some people don’t notice any discomfort. You can’t say that about braces.

And if you play contact sports, Invisalign won’t damage the inside of your mouth the way braces can if you have contact in active play. There are no wires or pads with Invisalign.


4 – No need to restrict your diet


You can enjoy whatever foods you normally eat, so long as you remove your aligners, and clean your teeth and your aligners thoroughly afterwards. Braces usually come with a list of foods which you can’t eat.


5 – Not as many appointments


You only need to see your DB Dental specialist every six to eight weeks with Invisalign. This is because you are given several sets of aligners every visit. You change the sets as directed without needing to take time out to see a dentist each time.


6 – Know what it’s going to look like at the beginning


Once your teeth have been scanned, specialised technology produces an image of how your teeth will look once your Invisalign treatment has been completed. This gives you a realistic idea of what can be achieved and most people find it really encouraging.

You can book an appointment with your DB Dental specialist now to see if Invisalign is right for you.

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