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No matter what sport you play, your dental health could have a significant effect on your sports performance.

To quote one of the most successful international swim coaches of the past 30 years, ” Having good dental health as an elite sportsperson should be a no- brainer. It’s way too important to ignore”.

Sadly, the truth is that dental health is often the last thing on many sports peoples’ minds, and all the published research from around the world shows that overall dental health is poor, and in some cases worse than the general population.

In short, all sports people would benefit from a consult with a dentist who understands the relationship between dental health and sports performance, as well as the pressures from the individual sport itself. Often, people have many years between dental visits, and only present with pain or an emergency. The best solution is to work to address any dental problems to fit around playing and training and work with the athlete and coach or team doctor to minimise disruption.

Common dental health problems include:

  • Dental pain and effect on performance
  • Increase risk of tooth decay
  • Sensitivity and pain from dental erosion, and the links to diet.
  • Gum disease
  • Wisdom tooth problems
  • Tooth grinding/clenching at night [bruxism]
  • The need for professionally made mouthguards
  • Advice on dental trauma.

Please book an appointment with Dr Jeremy Booth at DB Dental Craigie if you would like to find out more.

Dr Jeremy is the dental advisor for Swimming Australia and Football Federation Australia, and also locally for Perth Glory FC. He has provided the dental health programme for the Australian Dolphins national swim team, and is currently working on programmes for the Socceroos and Matildas.

He will be happy to provide you with the best advice to fit your personal needs.

Should you play contact sports please bring in your current mouthguard for assessment

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