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Sorting everything kids need during school terms is hard enough without having to organise dental appointments which take them out of class or after-school activities. Plan ahead and book your kids’ teeth during the holidays.

Take advantage of the holidays to get your kids’ teeth checked

School weeks are frantic enough when you’re trying to send them off with healthy lunches, homework done and the emergency costume you had one night to make from silver foil and tissue boxes – they’ve barely left the house and you’re juggling after-school training and more homework.

Then the weekend arrives and you’re still trying to get children to sports training and birthday parties while getting the household organised for the next hectic week.

School holidays are your secret weapon because you don’t have to take them out of class or make them miss training or extra tuition. And if they need something treated they can recover at home and don’t have to be straight back at school.

When should a child start going to the dentist?

Children should start dental checks when they are two years old. They need to have a check up once a year if their dental health is good. If they have any problems they may need to see the dentist more often.

Just because children’s teeth are temporary, it doesn’t mean they’re not really important to your child’s health and comfort. Those baby teeth don’t just help them eat healthy food, they also have a special role in helping the child’s adult teeth develop. Having all their baby teeth as they grow is also important for their speech development.

And toothaches for miserable for children, and can really disrupt their school work and sleep. Worse, the bacteria from infections can remain in the mouth and infect new adult teeth coming through.

Make an appointment

School holidays are a great time to start a schedule for your children’s checkups if you’re haven’t been organised enough before.

Check online for your nearest DB Dental practice and book early so if any treatments are needed, you have time for them too. With regular checks, your dentist will spot any issues early, which is much easier on the budget as well as your child.

Is there a government benefit for your child?

Some families on particular government benefits may be eligible for the 2018 Child Benefits Dental Schedule. The benefit can provide $1000 a year to make sure your child can have necessary dental treatments. Check with your DB Dental dentist for more details.

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