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Working with DB Dental for over 6 years, dentist Dr Adam Fell has gained a justified reputation for being an accomplished dental surgeon. Especially known for performing complicated extractions, you can find him at three different practices in WA – Currambine, Cottesloe and Rockingham.

Extractions can be straight-forward, but there are many reasons they choose to refer to Dr Adam.

“Dental extractions can be deceptively difficult, especially if the tooth is impacted, broken, or has unusual or challenging root morphology. A surgical approach is often required to simplify the procedure, minimise complications, and allow good healing.”

The decision to refer can be based on other factors as well.

“The referring dentist may anticipate complications based on a patient’s medical history, for example, certain medications place the patient at risk of problematic bleeding, infection or failure of healing.”

Dr Adam Fell made a decision to focus on oral surgery early in his career

Growing up in Perth, Dr Adam Fell made the move to Sydney to study dentistry and quickly developed an interest in surgery. In his third year of dental school he completed three placements in UK Maxillofacial Surgery units based in Southampton, Cardiff and Nottingham. Upon graduating, and after a brief stint in hospital practice in rural Queensland, he made the move to the UK to undergo training in oral surgery, completing residencies in Scotland and England. He then returned to Perth where he took up a position at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia, further honing his skills in oral surgery and teaching undergraduate dental students. Due to an increasing demand for his services, he was able to restrict his practice exclusively to oral surgery.

“With many years of experience with extractions and oral surgery in general, I feel confident that I can provide the best level of service and positive results for patients who need more than a simple extraction.”

Dr Adam Fell Dentist Cottesloe

Dr Adam Fell 

How long does an extraction take?

“Extractions are commonly mistaken as a long procedure however, for a single tooth you can be in and out of the practice in 30 minutes,” muses Dr Adam. “The removal of 4 wisdom teeth usually requires a 60 minute appointment, depending on the degree of impaction.”

“With rotary instruments having changed quite a bit over the years, I tend to divide teeth more often now so you don’t have to remove as much bone. Any multirooted tooth is best taken out in parts as it ensures less trauma to the surrounding area.”

“I have numerous patients who say to me afterwards that it was so much easier than they were expecting. I always take pride in challenging patient’s preconceived views on tooth removal.”

What is the recovery time like for a tooth extraction?

“Surgical extractions are quite painless during the procedure, but once the anaesthetic wears off it is normal to experience some level of discomfort,” informs Dr Adam.

“The day of the procedure and the following day will usually be the worst, and you should manage pain levels with anti-inflammatory drugs and/or prescription analgesia.  You can also use an ice pack to help minimise swelling. Rarely, discomfort can last for up to two weeks depending on the individual, however most patients will see improvement after a few days. I always aim to make sure my patients know what should be considered part of the normal recovery process.”

Do you see children?

“Yes I occasionally see children who need extractions or oral surgery. This is usually as part of an orthodontic treatment plan, or removal of a baby tooth that has failed to fall out and be replaced by a permanent tooth. Unfortunately, some kids require the removal of a tooth due to lack of other viable treatment options.”

“There are also some adolescent patients that benefit from the early removal of wisdom teeth.”

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend as much time with my family as I can. I have a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, and they both love going to the park and the beach as often as possible. Having two young children makes for a busy life!

When I’m not at the practice or looking after the young ones, I’m renovating our house and watching home makeover shows for ideas.

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