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Technology is not just making dental treatments quicker and easier for patients, it’s also putting the power of understanding and choice into their hands.

Perth DB Dental dentist, Dr Rohit Chaturvedi, says that the latest 3D scanning technology lets patients see their whole mouth.

“They’re not having to take my word for what is needed,” he says. “They can see from their scans if their teeth are crooked. They can see where problems are. It’s not me just telling them.”

iTero scans and ethical dentistry

The new iTero digital scans create a 3D impression of the whole mouth within minutes. The results from treatments such as Invisalign can then be created so that the patient can see how their mouth could look.

“Suddenly the patient can see everything,” says Dr Rohit. “It’s instant rapport. They can take ownership of what they want done. It’s the most ethical form of dentistry.

“They can proactively do something about it and be involved in their treatment.”

Dr Rohit, second from left, with his team at DB Dental Claremont.

Technology a gamechanger

But it’s not just major orthodontic work which iTero scans help patients understand.

“The new iTero scanner will detect decay within teeth,” says Dr Rohit. “Patients are really compelled by wanting to avoid the radiation of the old X-rays. Being able to give them a genuine alternative is always a good thing.

“You can show them so much more with these scans. Sometimes they come and ask for veneers and they actually need to straighten their teeth. You can now show them what results treatment would give. And we also offer interest-free payment plans to approved customers, so you don’t have to go out of pocket for it.”

Both doctor and dentist

Dr Rohit originally trained as a doctor, but was concerned about the hours affecting his family life. He retrained as a dentist and moved from the UK to join DB Dental in Perth almost five years ago.

“Being a doctor and a dentist gives you an edge, particularly when caring for older patients,” says Dr Rohit.

“You have a good understanding of medications. In one more serious instance: I once had to get a patient into hospital because she had a cardiac event at the practice.”

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