Thanking our dental assistants at DB Dental - DB Dental

As part of Dental Assistants Appreciation Week  (March 3-9), we are reflecting on the contribution these team members make each day.

“I’ve worked with some remarkable Dental Assistants,” says Dr John Graham, “it’s hard to single anyone particular out because without them I just simply couldn’t do my job.”


Dr John Graham, Dentist, has been both a dentist and a dental assistant.

Dr John Graham has cared for patients across Mandurah, Innaloo and Perth city practices. When he went travelling overseas, and re-entered Australia recently, he had to re-lodge his medical credentials to practice in Australia and worked as a Dental Assistant himself for a brief spell of two months while he waited for them to clear.

“You definitely get an insight into the role dental assistants have when you walk a step in their shoes. I think they feel appreciated here at DB Dental because we have a great team environment.” says Dr John.

“I value the work they do for me as well as my patients. Having someone next to you who is attentive and actively listening to the conversation between you and the patient and responding by, for example, prepping for the next treatment, just makes things run smoothly and seamlessly.”

DB Dental has close to 100 Dental Assistants who work across Perth. Please join us in thanking them for their contribution each and every day!




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