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If you never liked your smile because your teeth are crooked, you might have thought about doing something. Or you might have started with braces when you were younger but hated them.

Invisalign is a game-changer for crooked teeth. Instead of a metal mouth, you use custom-fitted clear aligners. They’re almost invisible and you don’t need to change your diet, either.

Here is the ABC for getting started with Invisalign.

A –  Book a consultation with DB Dental


While most people with crooked teeth are suited to Invisalign treatment, you need to make an appointment for a free consultation first. Your DB Dental practitioner will check your teeth and explain the process if you’re suited.

And if you would like to start the treatment but don’t have savings, you may be eligible for DB Dental’s interest-free payment plan. Ask at your appointment or apply online.


B – Order your Invisalign aligners


Before your treatment can start, your DB Dental specialist will take scans of your teeth. These will be used to create your aligner sets for your complete treatment. You will also be shown what your teeth will look like when the treatment is complete.


C – Start straightening your teeth


Once you have your first sets of aligners, you’re in business. Your dentist will show you how to fit and remove them, and how to keep them clean. The moment they’re on your teeth, they’re starting to improve your smile.

Around every fortnight you’ll change aligners so that your teeth will gradually be moved into position. Every six to eight weeks you’ll see your practitioner for a check on progress. Your treatment will be finished somewhere from six to 18 months, depending on your teeth. You may need to wear a retainer at night at the end of your treatment.

You can book in with DB Dental online now.

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