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Cleaning your teeth shouldn’t just be as fast as you can because you’re running late and you still want to do your hair. A quick going over is not cleaning them properly.

Maybe it’s better than nothing, but it’s not really helping your teeth. You need to allow two minutes for brushing and time to floss properly as well. If you have a medicinal mouthwash, factor that in too.

An electric toothbrush is a little faster but you still need to floss properly. If you cut back on your oral hygiene, you short-change yourself.


Is it still important to floss your teeth?

Dentists say it’s only necessary to floss the teeth you want to keep. But once a day you absolutely need to floss. And twice a day is better for fresh breath. Your toothbrush can’t reach every bit of food wedged between your teeth.

If you get into the habit of flossing before you brush your teeth, it’s done before you’re thinking about it. And if you eat breakfast at work, you still need to clean your teeth afterwards, so take a tooth-brushing kit with you.


Is brushing your teeth once a day enough?

In an emergency, once is better than nothing. But your normal day should include time for cleaning your teeth after breakfast and dinner. If you find yourself too tired to do it properly just before bed, schedule it straight after dinner and you’ve cut out late night snacks as well.

And if you’re having Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, the answer is after everything you eat or drink except water. As many times a day as it takes.


What does it mean if your gums hurt?

Sore gums or bleeding when you brush your teeth is a sign your gums are inflamed. Don’t stop brushing, but make sure you use a soft toothbrush and floss thoroughly as well.

After a few days of proper cleaning, your gums should stop bleeding and feeling sore. But if you still have problems, book a checkup with your dentist. You could have gingivitis. If your gums are infected and not treated your risk losing teeth and even damaging your jaw.

Check with your DB Dental dentist if you have any other ulcers in your mouth or on your tongue which aren’t healed within two weeks. These can be early signs of oral cancer, but early checking means early treatment.

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