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If holidays have been hectic, the start of the school year is a good time for parents to make sure their child is sorted for school. Being ready to listen and learn is more than just having the right uniforms, equipment and backpack sorted. Whether they’re starting kindergarten or they’re in high school, you also need to make sure your child is healthy, and this includes good oral health.

Shockingly, almost 40 per cent of children’s preventable hospital admissions involve dental issues. That doesn’t include all the children who have toothaches and other dental issues distracting them from school and interrupting their sleep. By five years of age up to 40 per cent of children already have had dental decay. Here are some tips to make sure your child is back at school with healthy teeth and the right habits to stay that way.


1 – Tooth-brushing checklist


  • If you haven’t checked your child’s oral hygiene routine for a while it might be time to make sure that  they’re brushing effectively for two minutes morning and night
  • Flossing is too tricky for younger children to do on their own, but they will develop the skills with practice by the time they’re 10. Help them out until they can do it on their own.
  • Check with your DB Dental dentist for the right type of toothbrush for your child and the appropriate toothpaste for their age
  • Replace old toothbrushes when they show signs of wear


2 – Healthy food ideas for the family


  • After holiday treats are finished is a good time to clean out the refrigerator and cupboards and restock with healthier choices for the whole family
  • Check all labels to see how much sugar is in seemingly healthy foods like flavoured yoghurts – you might be surprised
  • Plan healthy lunch-box ideas and make shopping lists so you can stock up easily. Make wholegrain breads or wraps, add carrot, celery and cucumber sticks to go with healthy dips and don’t forget fresh fruit. Freeze tap water in bottles to keep lunches cool and provide a cool drink
  • Have a nutritious after-school snack ready each day but avoid snacks being constantly available
  • Make tap water the regular thirst-quencher


3 – Checkup checklist


  • Book in your child’s dental check now so you have time to treat any issues before they’re really busy at school
  • If your child needs any longer-term dental treatment, such as orthodontics, plan it with your DB Dental dentist once you have their school term program
  • Your child could be eligible for up to $1000 worth of dental treatment through the Child Dental Benefit Schedule depending on your taxable income

Book your child’s checkup online now with your DB Dental dentist and get them sorted for the school year.

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