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What can you believe about Invisalign. Is it really invisible or can people see you’re wearing aligners? Will it really work for your orthodontic issues?

Here’s the 10 top things you need to know about Invisalign to help you decide if it could be right for you?

Tip 1 – Nobody can see your aligners


Unless you’re looking close up and very carefully, you’re unlikely to notice anyone wearing Invisalign aligners. They’re custom-made to your teeth and fit exactly. They can even make your teeth look better in photos. You notice people with braces, but have you ever spotted someone with Invisalign? Chances are you’ve seen them, you just haven’t noticed.


Tip 2 – It’s mostly just mild discomfort


Braces are notorious for pain and discomfort during the process. Invisalign uses a completely different system; most people say they only notice the pressure in the first day or so of new aligners. This pressure just shows that your new aligners are gently correcting your teeth. You soon get used to it and some don’t feel anything at all.


Tip 3 – Oral hygiene is a must after every meal


You must remove your aligners before you eat or drink anything, except for plain water. When you’ve finished eating or drinking, you clean and floss your teeth and clean your aligners and pop them back in place. You don’t need to change your diet at all. But you do need to carry a cleaning kit when you’re eating out. Many people find this helps them avoid snacking, too.


Tip 4 – Aligners stay in your mouth unless you’re eating or cleaning them


To ensure your aligners can do their work, they need to be in your mouth for 22 hours a day, minimum. If they’re in less than 20 hours, they won’t work effectively. This means making sure you’re ready to clean your teeth after every meal, not dining leisurely every time.


Tip 5 – Aligners can be removed for a few hours


Despite Tip 4, if there is a really important occasion, you can remove your aligners for a few hours. But remember you can’t do it often. And once you’ve worn them for a while, it probably won’t even be a consideration.


Tip 6 – Not all teeth can be corrected by Invisalign

Some teeth have severe issues which are too complex for Invisalign. But it’s possible to have braces fitted until your teeth are ready for the Invisalign treatment, rather than having braces for years. Your DB Dental specialist will be able to check your teeth so you know if it will work for you.


Tip 7 – You need to do the work


Invisalign has so many advantages over braces, but you still need to do the work. You have to wear the aligners most of the time. You must clean meticulously after every meal or drink so you have to have your brush, floss and paste handy wherever you’re eating. You might need post-orthodontic retainers afterwards to wear at night. Follow your dentist’s instructions and you’ll get great results.


Tip 8 – Drinks are like foods, except water


Unless it’s plain, cool water, you need your aligners out for eating or drinking. Even hot water will warp aligners, coffee and wine will stain them and food would be just incredibly messy. They have to come out, you have to clean your teeth and aligners, and put them back in.


Tip 9 – There’s no age limit


Your DB Dental dentist will let you know if your teeth will be suitable for the Invisalign treatment. You could be 17 or 70, there’s no age limit. It’s also suitable for pregnant women. If you’re not happy with your smile, see what Invisalign could do for you.


Tip 10 – Invisalign needs a trained professional


The Invisalign method needs special training because it’s so different from traditional braces. Your DB Dental practitioners who provide Invisalign services have specialist training and regularly update their skills.

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