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Once you’ve decided on extras insurance, don’t just set and forget. You should get the best return for your money by making sure your dental work is up to date. Just because you’ve been busy with chiropractics and contact lenses, don’t forget your teeth.

Your money has paid for all those extras and teeth should be high-priority for attention. A problem dental issue is easier to sort if it’s picked up sooner rather than later. Make sure you get your money’s worth from your insurance.

Take it to the limit

So, when is your ‘dental deadline’ for extras insurance? Most health insurance resets each January but it’s best to check with your provider to be sure. If it is by the calendar year, you still may have time to get a checkup done and any necessary work.

Your DB Dental practitioner may also be able to alert you to early issues to plan treatment for later. You can sometimes get part of the work done by the end of the year and the second part early in the new year. This means you get the maximum amount you can claim on each procedure.

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Budgeting for dental work

Don’t hold back from seeing the dentist because you’re worried about how much it will cost. Your DB dental practitioner can check your refund through their HICAPS machines and give you a quote on costs.

And if your budget is really tight ask about DB Dental’s interest-free payment plan. These plans are designed to let you get your work done now and make interest-free payments later.

Sing out now if you have health insurance dental extras.

Planning your dental work

If you’re anxious about dental work hurting and worried about the cost, it might seem easier to put it off. But delaying your checkup can allow problems to get worse and costs to increase. Your DB Dental practitioner will work with you to make dental visits easier.

Aesthetic treatments such as whitening and teeth straightening can be planned, too.

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