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Children need to be treated with “kid gloves”, and that’s exactly what our dentists do.

At DB Dental we are gentle with our younger patients and we take the time to explain what we are going to do and why. We also utilise techniques that make the visit as short and comfortable as possible.

We want your kids to stay with us as their dentists for life, so we take the time to teach them easy to follow oral care practices from an early age.

Your child’s first dental visit

Your child should have their first oral check by the time they turn two and then at least once a year after that. Your DB dentist will give you information regarding your child’s oral health care and they may advise more frequent visits, or other preventative measures, if they notice that your child is more likely to develop tooth decay.

An important way to help prevent tooth decay in young children includes limiting sugar intake by avoiding certain drinks and foods. Instead, give your child ‘teeth-friendly’ foods such as cheese, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Brushing your child’s teeth

Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first tooth comes through, usually at around six months of age. Clean your baby’s teeth and gums twice a day with a soft wet cloth, or a small toothbrush, with water. These baby teeth are essential for the development of speech, chewing and healthy adult teeth, so it’s important to take care of them from the start.

Anxious children

If your child is worried about visiting the dentist, DB Dental have measures in place to try and assist these patients.

Our team members understand how important it is to give children a positive experience early. This can help them to create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

We make our young patients comfortable, with a big smile and a welcoming approach. Some of our dentists and hygiene team have their special approach – sock puppets, balloon animals and fun educational songs. We appreciate how impressionable young minds can be and we want to ensure that we create happy memorable experiences.

Many of our team members will schedule extra time with kids if they are nervous, so we can move at their pace.

If a child has had a previous experience that was less than positive, or simply is a bit nervous about their visit, we encourage parents to let us know in advance. We can special care to change their opinions.


How do I take care of my baby/toddler’s teeth?

If your baby doesn’t have any teeth yet, you can wipe her gums with a clean warm wet cloth after every feed. Once she gets her first teeth, make sure you clean them after feeds with a warm wet cloth and avoid letting your baby fall asleep with a bottle. Do not allow your baby to drink anything else but milk or water from a bottle. Your toddler can have their teeth brushed the same way as the rest of the family. Until they are three years old they may not be able to spit, so avoid putting too much toothpaste on the brush and use only a smear rather than a blob of paste to brush their teeth. You may choose to use a milk teeth toothpaste with less fluoride until the first permanent teeth start erupting, but using regular toothpaste is also fine, as long as you use it in small quantities.

How can I introduce my child to good oral health routine right from the start?

Each time you have an appointment with our hygienist, your teeth are professionally scaled and polished, and remineralising agent is applied. We screen your mouth for gum disease, malignancies and tooth decay. Preventing problems is vital to good health, so our hygiene team will discuss with you how to best look after your teeth and gums at home. A dental therapist is a vital part of our team, offering a wonderful service treating dental concerns in children. A dental therapist is a great alternative to seeing a dentist, especially for young children. Our therapist has a great way of making children’s visits fun and enjoyable.

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