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We employ the very latest technology so your dentures look natural, feel comfortable and function perfectly.

Dentures are used to fill in the gaps created by missing teeth. It’s sometimes necessary to get full or part dentures to replace damaged or missing teeth caused by various issues such as periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, or accidents caused by sport or other injury. Dentures are removable and easy to clean but it’s imperative that you look after them to keep your mouth healthy.

Types of dentures

Depending on the severity of your case, your DB dentist will either create partial dentures for a few missing teeth, or complete dentures for a full set of absent teeth.

• Full dentures – these are made of plastic and are used when all of the teeth in one jaw are missing.
• Partial dentures – these are used when some teeth are missing but others still remain. They can be made from plastic, metal or a combination of both and will usually have metal clasps that grip or rest on the natural teeth to hold the denture in place. It’s important for your remaining teeth to be healthy in order to support the part denture.

If you’re one of the millions of people worldwide who have or need dentures, the team of prosthetists at DB Dental can help. We will show you a range of solutions so you can choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.

If you already have existing dentures that don’t fit as well as they used to, or need repairs, we can also help to bring them back to the ideal look and functionality. Book now to start your journey back to perfect teeth.

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