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There are benefits from using mouthwash, but not just any mouthwash. It depends what you want.

If you’re just looking for something to cover last night’s onion and blue vein cheese quiche, there are plenty of cosmetic mouthwashes.

But if you have bad breath every day, you’ll need more than mouthwash to treat it. And there are special medical mouthwashes for a range of conditions.

Does mouthwash make a difference?


You can make a difference to your mouth with the right mouthwash. Your dentist can advise on mouthwash to fight bacteria with fluoride at night, or to treat oral cuts or sores. You may need special mouthwashes if you have gingivitis or dry-mouth conditions.

Your DB Dental practitioner will advise on the right mouthwash to help your oral and dental issues.


Medical mouthwashes


Medical or therapeutic mouthwashes are an important part of some treatments. Your dentist might prescribe:

  • An oral rinse with antimicrobials for gingivitis
  • A pain-treating mouthwash with benzocaine after dental surgery or if you have mouth sores
  • Fluoride mouthwash to help treat your teeth last thing at night

Remember, no matter what the mouthwash, you still need to clean and floss your teeth twice day. A mouthwash is no substitute. Be sure to keep mouthwashes out of reach of children as they are poisonous if swallowed.


How to keep breath smelling fresh


Stay dehydrated by drinking plenty of water – this helps produce saliva, which is the original mouthwash. Stick to healthy vegetable snacks between meals – sugary snacks will add to your breath problems if you can’t clean your teeth straight after

Make sure your oral hygiene is up to speed and clean your tongue as well. Use a tongue scraper or gently clean with your toothbrush. Buy a new toothbrush every three months.

And see your DB Dental practitioner every six months for professional cleaning and a check up.

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