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Most people know that smoking is not only unhealthy, it stains teeth and damages gums. But smoking is not the only thing that stains teeth. Coffee, tea and red wine can also darken your teeth with stains.

So what stains your teeth the most? If you can’t get through the day without regular coffees, you’re probably going to find coffee stains are your issue. It all depends on your lifestyle habits. Sadly, smokers can develop multiple dental problems.

Ageing doesn’t actually cause staining, but teeth do naturally darken as you get older.

Stopping the staining

Giving up smoking is an obvious solution to improve your dental health if you’re a smoker, and if you can’t quit yourself, ask your doctor for help.

But not many people want to go without caffeine, whether it’s tea or coffee. The trick is to limit how much you drink and to take a minute to rinse out your mouth or clean your teeth after you’ve enjoyed a cuppa or red wine.

Professional ways to remove the stains

Your dentist can help remove the staining through teeth-whitening processes. At your first appointment, your DB Dental practitioner will advise on the type of treatment to make your teeth lighter. You can have them professionally lightened either by the dentist at your appointment, or with custom-made home-whitening kits.

This can be a simple process if your teeth are in good shape and you don’t have major fillings, crowns or implants visible when you smile. While whitening will lighten natural teeth, any restoration work will stay its original colour.

How do you whiten crowns and veneers?

If you have dental work which shows when you smile, it won’t lighten through bleaching. Your DB Dental practitioner will discuss issues with you and quote on what replacement costs will be.

If you have budget worries for major dental work, you may be eligible for DB Dental’s payment plan. This can let you get the work started while you gradually pay off the cost. Book an appointment online now to plan for a brighter and more youthful smile.

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