Why are my teeth sensitive to cold weather? - DB Dental

If your teeth are particularly picky about cold weather or hot foods, your teeth are sensitive and that needs to be checked out. Don’t hide indoors and avoid foods you used to love, get your DB Dental practitioner to sort sensitivity and enjoy winter.

Why are my teeth sensitive to cold weather?

With chilly weather here for a while, it’s tough when even your teeth are touchy in the cold. You can rug up in your favourite winter woollies but what can you do for sensitive teeth?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wrap your face in your scarf and keep your mouth closed outside until spring arrives. You just need to deal with your tender teeth and winter won’t worry you.

Why your teeth hate the cold

Teeth have a special dentin layer inside the enamel which expands and contracts faster than the outer enamel. Tiny cracks can form and these create sensitivity. If the weather is really cold outdoors, your teeth know all about it.

You can’t see these tiny cracks and they don’t harm your teeth, but because the fluid in the tiny tubes in your dentin is more exposed, your teeth feel uncomfortable in the cold.

You might also be clenching your teeth without realising it and this can put pressure on your teeth and jaw, causing sensitivity issues.

Why do my teeth hurt when eating hot foods?

So the cold can be a problem, but now you’re warming up with some hot soup and your teeth are in pain – what’s that about? And if you swap to something cold like icecream, they’re still not happy. Some sensitive teeth react to citrus fruits, too.

If you have sensitive teeth, here are possible causes:
• cracked or damaged teeth
periodontal disease
• infected gums or teeth
• grinding your teeth
• cavities needing attention
failing crowns, bridges or fillings
• large metal fillings
• serious oral conditions including some oral cancers

Ongoing sensitivity is a sign to get your teeth checked out by your DB Dental practitioner – far better to fix any issues early than wait until it’s not sensitivity but pain.

How do you fix sensitive teeth?

Maybe you just need a checkup and a clean with some oral hygiene revision – your dentist will assess your mouth and your dental history. If you need dental treatment they’ll explain what is involved and schedule that as well.

If there is more work required than you’ve budgeted for, enquire about DB Dental’s payment plan to get the work underway. That way you can enjoy the winter season and your favourite foods instead of flinching all the time.

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