Will my dental implant last forever? - DB Dental

How long your implant lasts depends on a number of things – the answer is different for everyone. If you’re young and healthy and you’re replacing a tooth knocked out in an accident, so far, so good. Maintain great oral hygiene, have regular checkups and your implant has almost the same chance of lasting as long as your real teeth.

But health can change, periodontal disease can develop and checkups can be missed. If you aren’t meticulous with your oral hygiene then your implant is at more risk than your natural teeth. It’s possible for implants to last indefinitely but nobody can guarantee that.


Could my implant fail?

Your implant can fail for several reasons – first, it must integrate into your jaw bone. If you have low bone-density that can make it harder for the implant post to integrate.

If you are in an accident where your implant is knocked hard, that can cause it to dislodge, too.

If you develop an infection around the implant which goes into the gums – peri-implantitis – it can cause more bone loss and the implant can fail. Meticulous oral hygiene is the best preventative here.


What’s the best way to clean my dental implant?

Your DB Dental practitioner will be able to check and advise on oral hygiene for your implant, but basically it’s cleaning your teeth properly, flossing, and using any suggested mouthwash every day. Not just when it’s convenient because you’re busy and your implant is fine.

Your practitioner will also want to check your implant annually to ensure that it’s still stable and your mouth is healthy. Implants are more susceptible than natural teeth to plaque and gum infections.

Always contact your practitioner straight away if you develop any pain or sore gums in the implant area.



Are implants for everyone?

Implants are ideal for many people, but they’re not suitable for children, people who for various reasons can’t take proper care of them, people with some medical issues including active gum disease, and smokers. Pregnant women can’t have them implanted if anaesthesia will be needed for the implant.

Your DB Dental specialist can advise if an implant is suitable for you. You can book online now for a consultation.

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