Working for DB Dental - DB Dental
We encourage professional development and create a caring and supportive work environment.

DB Dental provides a great work environment for its staff. Being privately owned ensures a familiarity with staff, at DB Dental you are not just a number. We encourage professional growth and we do our best to create a caring and supportive environment. Communication lines are short so staff members have regular opportunities to provide input on work related issues.

Staff members do not dual-role (i.e. nurse and then do reception for the same patient); we employ nurses and receptionists so our staff do not need to do this. Although some experienced staff members competent in both roles may alternate by choice, they do not perform both roles on any one day.

We have a call centre (located at our Head Office) staffed by people with dental experience and knowledge which reduces pressure on our practice staff.

Our Operations Manager and Nursing Coordinators ensure our nurses and reception staff are well looked after, and support is available at all times.

Head Office and management personnel visit all practices regularly and all staff members have an opportunity to discuss any queries or provide suggestions that may enable us to operate more efficiently.


Our induction program includes training for all new staff and dentists which incorporates our Dental4Windows software, policies and procedures.

One of our Nursing Coordinators will meet our new dental assistants and steri-nurses at the practice on their first day and will remain with them until they are comfortable and confident on their own.

Reception staff attend three full days of training alternated between normal work days at the practice, so the theory they learnt in training gets put into practice in the real work environment.

Additional training and support is available for all staff as required.


All staff members are issued with a DB Dental uniform and uniforms are replaced at no cost for general wear and tear.


Each staff member has an annual appraisal which provides them an opportunity to discuss any workplace, training or employment issues, and to give and receive feedback regarding their performance.

Superannuation and financial planning

DB Dental has a nominated independent financial advisor who is available to meet with staff members free of charge to discuss superannuation set-up and queries, regardless of your super fund. The financial advisor can also provide other services such as financial and estate goal-setting and planning, insurance, creating and managing share portfolios, and debt management. These additional services may incur a fee.

Annual Leave

As we are a large group we are able to provide flexibility regarding annual leave which smaller groups or single practices are not able to achieve. This means that most annual leave applications are approved at the first request. Occasionally an adjustment is necessary to accommodate another staff member whose leave has already been approved. Another advantage of this flexibility is that nurses are not required to take leave at the same time as their dentist.

Staff and family discounts on dental treatment

DB Dental staff members receive a 15% discount on dental treatment. A discount of 10% is also extended to the staff member’s family (husband/wife/defacto partner, children, mother, father and siblings). These discounts apply once the staff member has passed their probationary period.

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